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+Can we meet with you before our wedding?

I would love to meet you! We will work out a time to have you over at my studio and we can walkthrough a past wedding I have shot and go over your 'must have' images and go over all the details of your day. 

+When will I see my photos 

Within 5 days of your wedding I will email through a few photos as I know you’re just itching to get them up on facebook asap. Delivery of the final edit takes 6-8 weeks from your wedding day. 

+Are your packages flexible?

Every wedding is unique and my 3 packages are totally flexible. If there’s something you want to add or remove or if you just want to come up with your own package that’s fine. Just email me and let me know what you’re after and I can send you through a quote.

+Do I need 2 photographers?

Having 2 photographers to shoot your wedding isn’t essential, but I’d highly recommend it. That way both the bride and grooms preparation photos will be covered simultaneously and you’ll have 2 angles during the rest of the day. Also one photographer will be shooting formal group shots and the other photographer will be shooting candid photos of your guests.

+I'm not very good at posing and cameras freak me out!

That's why you are looking for a professional photographer! I have extensive experience behind and infront of the camera and I know what looks good. I’ll make sure you’re having a good time and enjoying yourself as that will show through in your images. You’ll have fun, I swear!



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