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Amber & Neil’s engagement session was one of my favourites. The fact that I got to combine hiking, good looking people and photography together makes me a happy camper. They were seriously super relaxed and willing to do anything which made my job an absolute breeze. If any reading this has been down Decew Falls you know it’s not just a walk in the park… especially with my camera gear. It’s what I love to photograph most so I am more then willing to put myself into some interesting situations to get some different perspectives and ultimately just to feel like an adventure! Hope you enjoy these images as much as I did taking them 🙂
Amber & Neil Blog-1Amber & Neil Blog-2Amber & Neil Blog-3Amber & Neil Blog-4Amber & Neil Blog-5Amber & Neil Blog-6Amber & Neil Blog-7Amber & Neil Blog-8Amber & Neil Blog-9Amber & Neil Blog-10Amber & Neil Blog-12Amber & Neil Blog-13Amber & Neil Blog-14Amber & Neil Blog-15Amber & Neil Blog-16Amber & Neil Blog-17Amber & Neil Blog-18Amber & Neil Blog-19Amber & Neil Blog-20Amber & Neil Blog-21Amber & Neil Blog-22Amber & Neil Blog-24Amber & Neil Blog-25Amber & Neil Blog-26Amber & Neil Blog-27Amber & Neil Blog-28Amber & Neil Blog-29

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It has been a long time in the making for Erika & Brandon’s engagement session. I’ve known them for quite some time now and was really looking forward to this day. At times I find some of the typical engagement session ideas a little cheesy but Brandon is the most die hard baseball fan I have ever met which made the backdrop to the first half of the session much more sentimental and true to them. Even on the car ride back to Niagara he was still listening to the game (unfortunately we had to skip out on the 2nd half of the game). I had an absolute blast with these two and I hope it shows in the images 🙂 Enjoy!
Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-1Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-2Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-3Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-4Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-5Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-6Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-7Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-8Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-9Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-11Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-12Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-13Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-14Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-15Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-16Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-17Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-18Erika & Brandon {engagement session} blog-19

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I had the pleasure of flying out to Nova Scotia to photograph Martan & Boram’s wedding this summer. It was  an absolute blast and I would not have changed a thing. I flew out with a friend of mine (the videographer) friday morning with enough time to rent a car, drive to Antigonish and catch the rehearsal ceremony. It was a hectic day but I love travelling so I can’t complain. The ceremony was lit perfectly. There was an occasional rain drop or two but the clouds and tree coverage made for some magical light. The reception was extremely unique and a pleasure to be apart of. Hope you enjoy the images!Martin & Boram blogstamp-2Martin & Boram blogstamp-3Martin & Boram blogstamp-4Martin & Boram blogstamp-6Martin & Boram blogstamp-7Martin & Boram blogstamp-8Martin & Boram blogstamp-9Martin & Boram blogstamp-10Martin & Boram blogstamp-11Martin & Boram blogstamp-12Martin & Boram blogstamp-13Martin & Boram blogstamp-14Martin & Boram blogstamp-16Martin & Boram blogstamp-17Martin & Boram blogstamp-18Martin & Boram blogstamp-19Martin & Boram blogstamp-20Martin & Boram blogstamp-21Martin & Boram blogstamp-22Martin & Boram blogstamp-23Martin & Boram blogstamp-25Martin & Boram blogstamp-27Martin & Boram blogstamp-28Martin & Boram blogstamp-29Martin & Boram blogstamp-30Martin & Boram blogstamp-31Martin & Boram blogstamp-32Martin & Boram blogstamp-33Martin & Boram blogstamp-34Martin & Boram blogstamp-35Martin & Boram blogstamp-36Martin & Boram blogstamp-37Martin & Boram blogstamp-38Martin & Boram blogstamp-39Martin & Boram blogstamp-40Martin & Boram blogstamp-41Martin & Boram blogstamp-42Martin & Boram blogstamp-43Martin & Boram blogstamp-44Martin & Boram blogstamp-45Martin & Boram blogstamp-46Martin & Boram blogstamp-47Martin & Boram blogstamp-48Martin & Boram blogstamp-49Martin & Boram blogstamp-50Martin & Boram blogstamp-51Martin & Boram blogstamp-52Martin & Boram blogstamp-53Martin & Boram blogstamp-54Martin & Boram blogstamp-55Martin & Boram blogstamp-56Martin & Boram blogstamp-57Martin & Boram blogstamp-58Martin & Boram blogstamp-59Martin & Boram blogstamp-60Martin & Boram blogstamp-61Martin & Boram blogstamp-62Martin & Boram blogstamp-63Martin & Boram blogstamp-64Martin & Boram blogstamp-65Martin & Boram blogstamp-66Martin & Boram blogstamp-67Martin & Boram blogstamp-68Martin & Boram blogstamp-69Martin & Boram blogstamp-70Martin & Boram blogstamp-71Martin & Boram blogstamp-72Martin & Boram blogstamp-73Martin & Boram blogstamp-74Martin & Boram blogstamp-75Martin & Boram blogstamp-76Martin & Boram blogstamp-77Martin & Boram blogstamp-78Martin & Boram blogstamp-79Martin & Boram blogstamp-80Martin & Boram blogstamp-81Martin & Boram blogstamp-82Martin & Boram blogstamp-83Martin & Boram blogstamp-84Martin & Boram blogstamp-85Martin & Boram blogstamp-86Martin & Boram blogstamp-87Martin & Boram blogstamp-88Martin & Boram blogstamp-89Martin & Boram blogstamp-90Martin & Boram blogstamp-91Martin & Boram blogstamp-92Martin & Boram blogstamp-93Martin & Boram blogstamp-94Martin & Boram blogstamp-95Martin & Boram blogstamp-96Martin & Boram blogstamp-97Martin & Boram blogstamp-98Martin & Boram blogstamp-99Martin & Boram blogstamp-100Martin & Boram blogstamp-101Martin & Boram blogstamp-102Martin & Boram blogstamp-103Martin & Boram blogstamp-104Martin & Boram blogstamp-105Martin & Boram blogstamp-106Martin & Boram blogstamp-107Martin & Boram blogstamp-108Martin & Boram blogstamp-109Martin & Boram blogstamp-110Martin & Boram blogstamp-111Martin & Boram blogstamp-112Martin & Boram blogstamp-113Martin & Boram blogstamp-114Martin & Boram blogstamp-115Martin & Boram blogstamp-116Martin & Boram blogstamp-117Martin & Boram blogstamp-118Martin & Boram blogstamp-119Martin & Boram blogstamp-120Martin & Boram blogstamp-121Martin & Boram blogstamp-122Martin & Boram blogstamp-123Martin & Boram blogstamp-124Martin & Boram blogstamp-125Martin & Boram blogstamp-126Martin & Boram blogstamp-127Martin & Boram blogstamp-128Martin & Boram blogstamp-129Martin & Boram blogstamp-130Martin & Boram blogstamp-131Martin & Boram blogstamp-132Martin & Boram blogstamp-133Martin & Boram blogstamp-134

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